FRISCO is a two – year project which will be developed through 5 work packages, as follows.

WP1 Leader -


Management and coordination

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  • This work package will provide support for the successful implementation of FRISCO through strong coordination along with continuous monitoring and reporting. The relevant activities include the overall management, quality monitoring and assurance that the work conducted in the project and by all participants is aligned to the project’s objectives. This work package will ensure the overall management of the work conducted in FRISCO, supporting all work package leaders in coordinating their tasks and enhancing the communication between all participants. Via the continuous monitoring of the project activities and the respective resource allocation, the management team will be able to assess potential risks and proceed with appropriate contingency actions. Established management procedures and tools will assure effective project status monitoring and continuous interaction with the European Commission for communicating and evaluating the progress achieved through periodic reporting

WP2 Leader -


Development of tools

+ -


  • Mapping of the needs of small HSPs in relation to increased awareness on the challenges posed by TCO, to support human capacity development and to foster the implementation of TCO. Mapping of needs and barriers is made related to all 3 priorities of the call. Further activities in WP2 and the activities in WP3 and WP4 are based on this needs analysis

  • The development of tools, frameworks and mechanisms will be done to support small HSPs in the implementation of the TCO regulation to address the dissemination of terrorist content online on their platforms. This will be made in function of the results of the mapping

  • Testing of tools, frameworks and mechanisms developed in the project to support small HSPs in the implementation of the TCO regulation

WP3 Leader -


Training Framework: methodology and contents

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  • Support micro and small Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) in the effectively implementation of the TCO Regulation through methodologies and training materials to address the dissemination of terrorist content online on their platforms, given their societal responsibilities to protect their services from misuse by terrorists and to help address terrorist content disseminated through their services online

  • Create, test, and provide e-training material, usable in blended mode, tailored to help them (i) better understand the nature of terrorist content online, (ii) the means available to identify and remove them from their services and (iii) the mechanism and processes to implement in order to comply with the TCO Regulation. The training materials will be based on TCO Regulation contents and on the tools devised in WP2

  • Design and develop a model to map competences of the micro and small EU HSPs according with the adoption of the TCO Regulation

  • Design and develop a validation path of the skills acquired according to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

WP4 Leader -


Sharing of experiences, developing best practices and awareness raising

+ -


  • Increase awareness of micro and small HSPs on the challenges posed by TCO in their ecosystems and on their obligations to comply with TCO regulations

  • Strengthen preparedness and capabilities of micro and small HSPs to comply with the TCO regulation through handson support in providing knowledge about best practices, case studies and tailor-made tools that can support HSPs in fighting TCO more effectively in their ecosystem

  • Promote partnerships and networking opportunities between micro and small HSPs, multiplier associations, on-topic experts and relevant state and international stakeholders in order to foster a shared understanding and awareness among stakeholder on the challenges, needs and pathways for effective implementation of and compliance with TCO regulations. WP4 will be based on the results from the mapping of needs conducted in WP2 as well as the training material developed in WP3

WP5 Leader -


Dissemination and Exploitation

+ -


  • To facilitate the dissemination of results achieved in WP 4 that created a best practices manual and video on the purpose and usage of the TCO regulation.

  • To prepare a communication plan that would contribute to informing micro and small HSPs about the results of the project in a timely manner

  • To spread awareness about the existence of FRISCO, what it is, what it aims at and how it is an important project and network that all micro and small HSPs can benefit from using

  • To foster multi-stakeholder communication and establish a solid partnership that would provide a platform of TCO regulation implementation to micro and small HSPs and summarise that overall work achieved within the period of existence of FRISCO will benefit a vast community of users after the project completion

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