Content Moderation Tool

FRISCO’s content moderation tool is a user-friendly trust and safety tool that addresses user-generated content related risks. The tool is based on Tremau’s in-house solutions and tailored to hosting service providers’ needs in relation to the new regulations such as the TCO, thanks to the project’s findings and resources. This tool is crafted to cater to the specific needs of HSPs, with the primary goal of optimising and streamlining content moderation workflows and processes. It is provided to them via a SaaS contract by contacting Tremau.

The screenshots involved in the gallery include the following:

(I) Queue of flagged content, moderators are able to diligently monitor the queue and thoroughly review each item and take appropriate action based on established guidelines to maintain the integrity and safety of the platform.

(II) Dashboard displaying moderation statistics allowing for real-time insights regarding the performance and overall impact of the content moderation efforts and strategies.

(III) Queue of flagged content, a critical checkpoint that ensures due process and consideration of the flagged content. Including content appealed by users, awaiting review and resolution by content moderation team.

(IV) List of processed cases, featuring advanced filtering options that enable our team to quickly and easily search, sort, and analyze data related to content moderation.

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