Vision & Objectives

Terrorist and other illegal content online is an increasing issue both from a security and public policy perspective. As a response, the Terrorist Content Online (“TCO”) Regulation is addressing violent extremism and the dissemination of such content, setting out specific measures that Hosting Service Providers (“HSPs”) exposed to TCO must implement.
However, these measures might represent an important burden for the providers, and especially micro and small ones, which are the target group of this call and this project “Fighting Terrorist Content Online” – FRISCO.
The general objective of FRISCO is to support Hosting Service Providers to comply to the Terrorist Content Online Regulation, through:

(1) Informing Hosting Service Providers and increasing their awareness of the Terrorist Content Online Regulation and their new obligations

(2) Developing and validating tools, frameworks and mechanisms to support hosting service providers in the implementation of the Terrorist Content Online Regulation

(3) Sharing experience, best practices and tools to support the implementation of the Regulation.The project activities are based on, first, the mapping of technical and human needs of target Hosting Service Providers and their level of awareness of the Terrorist Content Online Regulation. Based on this, in WP2 tools, frameworks and mechanisms will be developed and validated. WP3 will enhance the capacity building of hosting service providers and WP4 will support raising their awareness in relation to compliance duties. Finally, WP5 will disseminate the results of the project.
As a result of the project, targeted hosting service providers will have a better understanding of what is Terrorist Content Online and will be better prepared to deal with it and to comply to the Terrorist Content Online Regulation. This will lead to safer navigation online by reducing the risk to encounter terrorist content online.

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