WEBINAR | The first TCO Cluster Webinar was successfully completed (11 October 2023)

On Wednesday 11 October 2023 the TCO Cluster of sibling projects, comprising FRISCO, ALLIES, and TATE, co-organised the webinar: Terrorist Content Online (TCO) How to prevent it?

The webinar successfully drew participation from a diverse audience including, Hosting Service Providers (HSPs), EU projects and Law Enforcement Agencies amongst others and covered a wide range of topics, shedding light on the challenges and strategies associated with the Terrorist Content Online.

The event kicked off with an insightful introduction on the TCO Cluster itself and its objectives as well as the TCO Regulation and its framework.

Moreover, participants gained an understanding of how Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) navigate the online ecosystem to detect and remove terrorist content. Participants explored how LEAs classify this complex landscape and how terrorist content exists within it. The webinar delved into the types of content terrorists use, such as images, videos, and audio, and explored the innovative techniques they employ to disseminate their messages.

Attendees were provided with valuable insights into the legal framework surrounding terrorist content online and the associated policies and concepts. Proactive measures to address this issue were also discussed, offering a comprehensive understanding of the operational strategies employed by LEAs and the obligations of HSPs.

The successful completion of this webinar marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to address the challenges of terrorist content online. By bringing together experts and stakeholders from various fields, the TCO Cluster of projects has contributed to a greater understanding of this complex issue and the strategies needed to combat it effectively.

We would like to thank the ALLIES project for hosting the event!

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